In Cleveland, A Crying Angel

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What was it that led my sister and I to be trampling around a cemetery not once, but twice, this weekend? Why did I feel the need to battle the treacherous weather elements (known as snow and rain) instead of staying at home curled up and swaddled in blankets? Who really is the Angel of Death?

Well my friends, meet the Haserot Angel of Cleveland’s Lakeview Cemetery. Tucked away in the back of one of the top ghost hunting cemeteries in Ohio, the Haserot Angel is a striking grave marker that a number of paranormal investors have said actually cries.

The unsettling angel hovers over the gravestone of a certain Francis Haserot, clutching an upside down torch, something meant to symbolize an extinguished life. As a result of weathering and erosion on the bronze, the statue appears to be weeping black tears at all times, which has led to people referring to the statue as “The Weeping Angel”, rather than her actual name as “The Angel of Death Victorious”.

Although (as my Mum pointed out), some of the Haserot family members seemed to be alive for a seemingly long amount of time. Henry McKinney Haserot Sr. 1899-1967, and Francis himself was alive from 1880-1954!

The Haserot family are in the institutional-sized canned good business and their company, Northen Haserot, supplies hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other institutions with canned meats, seafood, dairy, beverages, and produce, as well as certain types of food-service equipment and cleaning chemicals. In order to commemorate the prominent Cleveland family, the statue at their cemetery plot was sculpted in 1924 by Herman Matzen.

While I have never before forced my family to walk around a cemetery looking for a grave-head marker in the snow and rain, none of them were exactly surprised that this was how part of our weekend was spent. Once I have an idea in mind I am unable to think of anything else until said idea is completed.

Upon seeing her, they understood. She was majestic and her appearance dominating, while at the same time unbelievably creepy. We all agreed that while sitting there she looked like a real person with intricate halloween make-up painted on her face.


The reason that it took us so long to locate the Haserot Angel was because I was unable to find any accurate information online about where she was located. So, as a gift to you and the rest of the Internet, here is a map of Lake View Cemetery. The Haserot Angel is located at #5 which is circled in red, just in case you don’t have quite as much determination as me.

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