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On Saturday morning, minutes after waking up, Tristan looked over at me and instantly said, “Let’s do something fun today”. For the first time (in what feels like forever) that was actually an idea that we could indulge in. I turned my thesis in last Wednesday, so after almost a year of working on those 100-pages I no longer feel any guilt spending hours doing other things. On Thursday I treated myself to a well-needed haircut and on Friday my bushy brows were tamed — two beauty needs that had fallen to the wayside months ago.

Saturday was for spending time with my boyfriend, doing what we do best: random sh*t. One of our favourite activities consists of going and eating at various themed restaurants. So, of course, our day of “doing something fun” started with a lunch at The Redwood Bar & Grill. Decorated with skulls and crossbones, fishing nets and maritime paintings, this particular DTLA restaurant is set in a sunken pirate ship. It is more of a dive bar than a place for a romantic lunch date; but, the food was surprisingly good and we plan on going back at some point to experience (what I bet is) an insane evening vibe.

I took lots of video footage, so look out for it in this week’s vlog!

After consuming the best spicy wings of our lives (thus subsequently being forced to reapply my lipstick ^^^), we headed off to walk through Little Tokyo towards the Arts District.

The Arts District is the creative hub of downtown Los Angeles. Equal parts warehouse wasteland and burgeoning hub for LA’s young, professional and creative, the Arts District has so many little spots waiting to be explored. What I love most about the area is that it is totally walkable. Besides us, there were so many other couples hand-in-hand, laughing with each other, and admiring the endless murals that decorate the area.

Clearly we weren’t the only two-some who were spending the day “doing something fun”.

Our main mission was to see Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women 1947-2016, the inaugural exhibition at Hauser & Wirth. The exhibit (which is on until the 4th of September) chronicles the ways in which women have changed the course of postwar art by their work in the medium of sculpture. The exhibition moves chronologically, comprising nearly 100 works created by 34 artists, and is a beautiful example of the variety of thought, approach, and purpose that exists in art.

I wasn’t able to take any photographs inside, but I highly recommend a visit if you find yourself in the area. But, I must warn you, there is a high probability that the bookstore will make you broke. All those coffee-table books and essays on art theory…swoon.

The rest of the afternoon was spent meandering through the Arts District, popping our heads into trendy coffee shops and socially conscious boutiques. These pockets of budding establishments lie amidst a stretch of early 20th-century warehouses—many ex-factories—some of which are deserted, but all of which hold the promise of artist studios and loft apartments with exposed brick walls and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The area is also home to some of downtown’s best restaurants (Grand Central Market is close by!) that I am so looking forward to dining in this summer.

I am sensing an Arts District guide coming your way soon?!?!?!

If you have been keeping up with my thrift hauls then you may remember that I thrifted this Free People tunic last month. I threw it on for the first time on Saturday morning because LA was looking grey and rainy and slightly chilly — I even got rained on coming out of early morning yoga. RAINED ON. Regardless, this tunic is possibly one of the softest things I have ever worn. And I promise I am not just saying that because I am currently typing in an extremely itchy knit…

I haven’t bought any other black jeans this year because I keep thinking that I am going to finally retire these ones for shorts any day now; but, here Joe and I are once again, keeping each other company. After all these months of constant wear they haven’t lost their shape nor their colour — which means they are seriously the best.

In this outfit Tristan told me that I looked as though I “would fit in at a female sculpture exhibit”, which I took to be a positive reaction considering he was the one who proposed the exhibit, so I ran with it. I possess about 1 oz. of the coolness that those badass women had, so clearly the mystical power of clothes once again materialized.

Thrifted Free People tunic / Joe’s Jeans (last seen here and here) / Zara tote /

Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses / Vince Camuto boots

Photos by Tristan Marsh

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