Lace, Fur & Leather

I always love a good dose of drama in an outfit. Give me something that causes a scene, or makes people stare, or at least grants me the privilege of feeling as though the garb I am donning is unlike anything else in the room. For this reason, I am always a proponent of colour — but especially in the winter months (when the weather drops about 5 degrees in LA) I find myself going back to simpler colour schemes and directing my attention to fabrics.

This makes sense, there aren’t that many fabrics that make me feel particularly wonderful when it is 100+ degrees. But give me 75 in November and I will be whipping out all the lace, faux fur, and leather I can get my grubby little hands on.

This particular lace dress has been with me for at least 5 years! If I recall correctly, it was bought during a rather devastating (to my wallet) trip to the massive Topshop in Oxford Circus, London. On the bottom floor of this flagship store they have the most wonderful selection of vintage pieces and “boutique” pieces from individual designers. Slightly more $$$ than the upstairs offering, the space is really a testament to one-of-a-kind pieces and reworked vintage offerings and never ceases to inspire me.

I am going to be back in England for an extended period of time rather soon (wink wink nudge nudge hint hint), so I have no doubt that you will be continuing to hear me drone on about the inspiration that I am procuring from there.

This outfit was styled around these heels from Madora (you can read about the app and see the other pair of shoes I styled in this post) and I loved the idea of pairing the provocative, sexy leather heels with the delicate, tenderness of the lace dress. The vintage faux fur wrap was an after-thought, but I love how it brings the outfit together and creates that extra little bit of sophisticated drama.

Over the winter months, I reach for this faux fur wrap to pair with both elegant dresses and laid-back jeans. Having an accessory like this, which adds such a luxurious, pulled-together element to any outfit, is definitely one of my winter fashion must-haves.

Vintage lace dress / vintage faux fur wrap / shoes from the app Madora (c/0)

Photos by Tristan Marsh

Thank you to Madora for collaborating with me on this post.

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