Who What Wear 10th Anniversary Experience

One of the things that I am really looking forward to as my blog (hopefully!) grows over the next few months and years is connecting with and befriending other bloggers and female entrepreneurs. True for any industry, but especially for us self-employed ladies, I think it is crucial to surround yourself with people who are on the same page as you and share similar visions — both to help you occasionally move from behind your computer and also to give you a needed kick-in-the-butt every once in a while.

I first met Angela from Destination Drifter at a female travel blogger conference earlier in the year. We sat next to each other at lunch during the first day and instantly hit it off. Plans to meet up were continuously postponed while both of us were gallavanting around Europe and America, but we finally managed to track each other down and reconvene on Friday afternoon.

Our choice of location was the new pop-up exhibit from Who What Wear in honour of their 10-year anniversary. Entitled #WWW10 Experience, the museum retrospective pays homage to the biggest fashion trends that the site has covered over the past decade. With trends dating back to 2006, the space is a fun way to relive and remember some of the fashion world’s defining moments.

“At our very core, we’re dedicated to bringing experiences to our consumers, and how better to capture 10 years of fashion trends, celebrity and blogger street style, and informative style reports than in a physical Who What Wear time capsule?” said Katherine Power, who cofounded the company with Hillary Kerr. “Also, so much of our content is based around beautiful imagery, so coupling those core concepts in an immersive gallery experience was perfect.”

The first stop is a 10-year timeline, which gives visitors the opportunity to reminisce about long-gone trends, how quickly fashion evolves and its lasting impact on popular culture. While looking at the interactive trip down memory lane, Angela and I laughed and told personal stories and anecdotes about the various trends and celebrities on view.

We recalled the first time we both stumbled upon Fashion Toast, and how neither of us originally had Instagram due to her being an Android user, and me being on that “professional” Blackberry grind. I can remember so vividly when it was announced that a couple of fashion bloggers had been invited to sit front row at D&G alongside magazine editors. It is almost unbelievable that this only began happening in 2009!

Also, remember when Rachel Bilson’s effortless cool was the thing? I spent hours oogling over her perfect collection of boho maxi dresses.

Sigh. Those were the days.

Moving through the exhibit you come to a display of Nicole Richie’s favourite pairs of sunnies from the past 10 years. The sunnies are accessorized with some of her extra serious words to live by.

I am not as in tune with sunglasses trends as I am with shoes.

So, do you remember every pair of It shoes you have drooled after for the past decade? If I had somehow forgotten, Who What Wear was there to very kindly remind me.

Right in front of my eyes were black Louboutins à la Gossip Girl, Ugg boots à la the girls at my high-school, Birkenstocks that were favoured by the Olsen Twins, and last year’s Gucci mules. These, in addition to various other styles that have come, been proclaimed the greatest thing ever, and then gone.

In true interactive form, iPads are placed all around the exhibit allowing you to purchase the styles straight from Neiman Marcus. While it was tempting…I think I will wait to see what 2017 brings!

However, my favourite part of the exhibit was without a doubt the Marc Jacobs Beauty room.

Yvonne from Marc Jacobs Beauty (check our her Instagram) was on hand to provide touch-ups and allow us to experiment with the fabulous Marc Jacobs Beauty products. She was so lovely and instantly helped elevate both Angela and my looks.

I am a massive fan of Marc Jacobs mascara, but I hadn’t had a chance to try out some of their other offerings. As I was already donning a red pout, Yvonne touched up my lips with some of the “Oh Miley” lipstick.

Instantly I was obsessed.

The lipstick feels really rich and creamy and has major lasting power (as I fully learnt while in Vegas over the weekend). It is insanely pigmented and my lips felt plumped and nourished and ready to go! Yvonne was kind enough to gift me one of the Oh Miley lipsticks, so expect to see lots more red lip coming ya way.

The free exhibit was definitely a lot smaller than I imagined; so, I would suggest that if you are in the area check it out, but don’t drive across town for the sole purpose of seeing it.

The WWW10 Experience is open November 3-13, from 10AM-4PM daily, at 8441 Melrose Place in West Hollywood.

After taking in the exhibit, upgrading our faces, and seriously discussing if Gigi Hadid’s style is actually good or if she is just ridiculously beautiful, we headed across the street to Alfred’s for a much needed coffee.

If you have spent even a minute on Instagram, you have probably seen pictures of the cute coffee shop, or more specifically their motto “But first, coffee”. The Melrose location is my favourite because there is patio/pavement seating and it is such a good spot for stylish people watching.

Over our lattes we caught up on the past couple of months. Angela spent two months traveling around Europe this summer, so she had lots of awe-inspiring stories to spill. We bonded over personal stories from Switzerland, Croatia and Dublin and dreamed about our up-coming trips.

Seriously, is there anything better than sitting in the sunshine talking about travel experiences? Possibly only sitting in the sunshine while creating a travel experience?

After coffee it was time for some Friday afternoon shopping. Melrose is one of my favourite areas to shop in Los Angeles. The street offers amazing vintage, every designer you can think of, and little boutiques that specialize in slightly out-there shoes. Let’s just say I may have come home with a certain pair of thigh-high velvet boots which you will be seeing very soon!

For the afternoon, I kept things simple in a black and red combination. This high-low dress is another thrifted find and I picked it up due to the chain detailing. It adds an edgy detail to what would otherwise be a very boring and slightly unflattering garment. These boots are my favourite new Zara purchase, as seen in Cleveland and during other wanderings around LA, and really do seem to go with many of my outfits.

Hope you guys have a great week! (On a personal note, I am so anxious about the election tomorrow — a feeling that is made 1000x worse by the fact that I can’t vote. Please go out and vote everyone!!!!! It is such a privilage to live in a society where you can exercise that right. Don’t let anyone take it from you!)

Obey dress  / Zara boots (last seen here and here) /

Vintage bag (last seen here) / Forever 21 tassel earrings 

Photos by Jenny Heyside and Angela Sterley

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