13 Blue & White Pieces to Buy This Summer



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Blue and white is one of my all-time favourite colour combinations for spring and summer. It is a timeless combination that feels fresh and clean, year after year. Whenever shopping around this time, even without meaning to, I always seem to reach for the blue and white versions of pieces. Of course you can pair a solid blue top with a white bottom, or vice versa, but when going through my archives I realised that I tend to favour blue and white patterned pieces. I find that blue and white is a great colour combination to use as a base to pair with various bright accessories. Pinks, oranges, and yellows pair well, as does red, silver, and gold. So many possibilities!

Sometimes I like to go all out —whether it is the striped jumpsuit that I posted earlier in the week, the floral jumpsuit I wore a few months ago in Havana, or the spotty playsuit I wore last spring. But I also like blue and white patterns in the form of  short floral minidresses, asymmetrical-hemmed midi dresses, tie-wrap midi skirts, and breezy pants to explore the temples of Thailand. And not to ignore the upper -half of my body, last year I donned myself in this figure-flattering striped blouse, this wonderful, graphic high-neck blouse, and this cute sail-boat blouse while strolling around Mexico City.

As I have been doing quite a bit of online “research” for my summer wardrobe over the past couple of weeks, I thought I would put together some of my current favourite blue and white pieces for the upcoming warmer months.

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