Swimsuit Season in Malibu

Topshop swimsuit (very similar) / Vintage sunglasses & straw hat

With Summer just around the corner, all of our minds have almost simultaneously switched to vacation mode. I arrived back from Europe two weeks ago and was instantly thrown into Graduation celebrations for my sister. My family and I spent the last week keeping the celebrations going around San Francisco and Napa, details of which will be coming to the blog soon! By the time I arrived back in LA on Sunday morning, Tristan had also arrived back after spending the past semester studying in Athens, and so yesterday we decided to head out to Malibu to spend the day at his beach house.

Spending a day (or a couple of days) in Malibu is one of our favourite things to do together. We have been doing it since the early days of our relationship and have certain traditions that we uphold each and every time. Setting out early in the morning with coffee in my hand, green tea in his, and Johnny Cash playing through the bluetooth, we drive down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the dreamy homes of LA’s elite on the other.

The only stop we will make is to grab essential provisions: a couple of bottles of wine (or gin), our favourite deli-bar to-go boxes and a carton of ice-cream to share later in the day. The hours spent at the beach-house are split between reading, swimming in the pool, kayaking in the ocean, and just lounging around making each other laugh. If we are spending the night he will build a fire to eat dinner and roast marshmallows around, if not we will pack up our things and head to Cholada for some of the best Thai food around.

I actually picked up this Topshop swimsuit (very similar) back in February before our Bucharest trip. We were planning on visiting Therme Bucharest, the largest thermal wellness centre in Europe, and so I figured I needed some kind of swimming attire. We never made it to the spa (choosing instead to do a day trip to Transylvania) and this bright orange swimsuit got carried around from country to country waiting for its debut. Nowhere was warm enough to don such an outfit and even Malibu (as evidenced by my rather obvious goose-bumps) was slightly chillier than I would have liked.

That being said, I loved the vibrancy of the swimsuit and the fact that the orange actually flatters my completely pale body. The cut — while somewhat scandalous — is incredible flattering and made a little more interesting with the addition of mesh patches on either side.

The sunglasses are another funky pink vintage pair that I picked up in Portugal. I love their retro shape and the fact that they make me look like a pink alien. Straw hats are my favourite things at the moment and this one I actually found in my Nanna’s closet! I stumbled upon it innocently when trying to organize some drawers and was blown away by how beautiful it was. It is the perfect shape and size and the floral ribbon gives it the ultimate dose of chicness. I know I am going to be reaching for it all summer long.

I am such a fan of one-pieces and Topshop have some other really beautiful swimsuits at the moment. In addition to this mesh swimsuit which is basically the same as mine, I love this black and white structured swimsuit, this whimsical unicorn-print swimsuit, this floral embroidered swimsuit, and this sweet, ditzy floral print one. I also have my eye on this high-waisted zig-zag bikini set and this embroidered crochet set.

Despite living in Los Angeles, I don’t actually own that many swimsuits. This summer I am really looking to up my swimwear game, so let me know your favourite bikini brands and where you like to shop for them!

Topshop swimsuit (very similar) / Vintage sunglasses & straw hat

Photos by Tristan Marsh

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