Greetings From Brooklyn!

Outfit Details:

Romwe shirt c/o / H&M faux leather pants / Marc Jacobs platforms /

Vintage bag from Greece (last seen here) / Thrifted bangles (from this haul)

Greetings from Brooklyn! Tristan and I have been here for five days and apparently the black leather memo has already been received — although not so sure how these sparkly Marc Jacobs platforms would do on a crowded subway. If you have been following along on Instagram then this isn’t really going to be that big of a reveal; but, if you shamefully haven’t, then SURPRISE we have moved to New York for 5 weeks! One morning when I was in Portugal, I woke up to a text from Tristan saying “NYC FOR A MONTH IN SUMMER??” The next day our AirBnb was booked! We have come here because Tristan has a sweet gig working with a furniture designer and we want to test the waters for a potential full-time move in the next couple of years (eeeeeeek!). Obviously that is looking quite far ahead and who knows where life will take us; but, so far we are loving being here (I have 10x as many friends in NYC as I do in LA) and are excited to do some proper exploring this weekend.

We have both been to NYC multiple times before and therefore have done most of the “touristy” things. However, last night I found out that Tristan has never been up the Empire State Building (!!!), so you best believe that will be happening very soon. Although, I am not organising it until he finally watches Sleepless in Seattle with me (one of my all-time favourite movies) and cries over the Empire State scene (I won’t accept anything less than bawling).

What else? Definitely hiring a rowing-boat in the middle of Central Park, a day-trip to Rockaway Bay, free sunset salsa in Hudson River Park and an evening indulging our inner children at the fairground on Coney Island. Each day I anxiously apply for the Hamilton lottery, but regardless of that outcome (apparently 10,000 people apply a day!) we will definitely see one of the Broadway shows. If you have anyyyy suggestions for what to do, where we should eat & drink & be merry, then please let me know!

The weather is going to be the hardest thing for us to adjust to, both in the summer and (potentially) in the winter. Right now the days are clocking in about 80% humidity, which is very different to summer in LA! Every day we have been here thus far there has been some sort of rain shower and I am having a hard time figuring out what to wear for the ups and downs and wet and dry spells. These faux leather pants seemed like a good idea, until I tried to take them off and realised that they were completely stuck to my rather sweaty legs. Lovely.

That being said, I loved how they looked styled with this epic white shirt from Romwe. A little white and black combo is always good for a power look, especially when capped off with sparkly pink platforms. The top part of the shirt feels like a thick-ish jersey t-shirt (justttt thick enough for no bra!) which is necessary for the massive felt ruffles that dance their way around the bottom. I have never worn a top like this, so at first I was waddling around unsure of where to put my arms in case I interrupted the felt flow.

But, when all is said and done, this is a basic that I can get behind. What a fantastic white t-shirt to be part of your wardrobe! Never again will a white t-shirt/jeans/I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-look be something plain and uninteresting. You can always have the flow, even plain Joe…or something. (Don’t think rapping is in my future!)

I pulled my hair back thanks a) to the humidity and b) to my lack of knowledge of how to deal with the gaseous state of water, but ended up liking the sleeker look with big earrings and edging-on-gaudy necklace. Personally, I do think the vast whiteness of the t-shirt needs some kind of neck accessory, but then again that might just be my resistance to basics talking. The thrifted bangles cost me $0.50 each (aka a gulp of iced coffee) and the bag is a vintage gem from Athens.

Now excuse me, I have a new city to explore!

Outfit Details:

Romwe shirt c/o / H&M faux leather pants / Marc Jacobs platforms /

Vintage bag from Greece (last seen here) / Thrifted bangles (from this haul)

Photos by Tristan Marsh

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