Roses Are Red, Denim is Blue

Outfit Details:

SheIn denim jacket c/o / Zara bodysuit & spotty trousers / Vintage YSL slides / Madora bag c/o (last seen here)

Roses are red

Denim is blue

My pants are spotty

My face is too.

Only joking! I have been really diligent about my skincare regime since arriving in the Big scary Dirty Apple. I started to notice a difference in my skin within a couple of days of arriving here and immediately switched some products and made sure to up the exfoliation factor. I think it worked and am very much hoping that my pants and my face don’t start to resemble each other. Apart from that, the rest of my kindergarten-level poetry remains accurate. (And there I was thinking that a stint in Brooklyn would *mature* my creativity.)

Roses are red and denim is blue and when you put them together… you come into possession of the coolest denim jacket since the last time I said I had found the coolest denim jacket. To be fair, they are the only two denim jackets currently in my wardrobe, so I find them both to be pretty special. This particular one with its light-wash, embroidered details and cropped boxy fit is the perfect piece of outerwear to take you from August evenings to September mornings. Plus, it is only $32.

I wear a lot of red and so I knew that this jacket would seamlessly slip into my current closet rotation. Having embroidered things all over your clothes is on trend, yet this piece still feels classic because roses are so lovely and timeless that they can’t possibly be considered trendy. It is a good balance, in my humble opinion.

This also marks the official debut of my vintage YSL slides on the blog! They featured prominently in this vlog when I found them unworn at The Left Bank for $24! I am still very unsure of what I did to deserve such insane vintage karma, but I am certainly not complaining (just curious what I did so I can do it again!). They are perfect with their stumpy block heel, darling little bow and crisp red colour. These will be worn throughout the summer and fall with dresses, jeans, jumpsuits and everything else in my closet.

On this particular day that happened to be a red bodysuit (to really amp up the red hot summer factor) and high-waisted navy and white spotted pants, both from Zara.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is ready for a productive and soul-fulfilling week! I can’t wait to get all my work done so I can keep exploring NYC! Make sure to follow along on Instagram! xoxo

Outfit Details:

SheIn denim jacket c/o / Zara bodysuit & spotty trousers / Vintage YSL slides

Photos by Tristan Marsh

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