A Day in Tribeca, NYC

Outfit Details:

Forever 21 sweater / Zara denim skirt and boots (last seen here) / Vintage bag and earrings

Happy Monday everyone! I woke up this morning to Tristan making me a cup of tea and, after a very low-key weekend, felt excited and determined to make this week the best it could possibly be. Then I looked out of the window and quickly realised that it is going to be raining and storming non-stop. Thanks NYC! Despite spending the majority of my life in England and Ohio, California has ruined it for me when it comes to weather, and I now am a complete w-i-m-p when it comes to being active in any less-than-perfect elements. So, I am going to need an extra boost of determination over the next few days if I am going to explore the city in a way that I originally planned to do.

Last weekend we headed out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan for the first time since we arrived. Given that both of us have visited Manhattan many times and there is so much to do in the borough of Brooklyn, it isn’t always necessary for us to cross over during the week. Instead, we plan our weekends around seeing (and eating) as much as possible in the city. Craving Chinese food, we ventured into Chinatown and straight to Spicy Village for lunch.

Despite what it’s name suggests, the food actually wasn’t very spicy, forcing me to throw in about 1/2 a bottle of sriracha to get my Lamb Hui Mei (lamb broth & vegetable noodle soup) to be as fiery as I like. Once I had added my extra kick, the food was delicious and I highly recommend stopping in here if you are looking for a cheap eat in Manhattan!

From there, we wandered through Little Italy and down to the One World Trade Centre site. Last time I was around this area, they were still working on constructing the memorial and so I was eager to see what they had done with the space and to pay my respects. My first ever trip to the USA was during the spring of 2001 and so we had had the chance to climb up to the top of the World Trade Centre. Coming back is a sombering remembrance for every-one and an action that doesn’t get easier, yet remains a vital experience.

This is where a new era of human history unfortunately began.

From there we entered the Oculus, the $3.9 billion transportation hub that replaced the PATH train station that was destroyed during the 9/11 attacks. Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and built with 11,500 tons of structural steel and white marble, the awe-inspiring building was designed to let in natural light and to play with reflections as the sun moves across the sky.

To me, thanks to all the long thin “rib” bones, standing inside the structure feels like being inside the belly of a whale. Or at least what I imagine that would feel like! In any case, standing inside is a trippy experience.

Wanting to take advantage of the dry afternoon, we opted not to go inside the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and, instead, kept walking towards Tribeca. If I could live anywhere in NYC, I think it would be Tribeca. With far less hustle and bustle than the rest of Manhattan, Tribeca feels like a residential bubble in the middle of a crazy metropolis. Families were out walking their dogs (and their kids), while couples and friends sat enjoying quaint restaurants surrounded by beautifully curated stores. The buildings weren’t skyscrapers, but instead charming brick constructions that have come to symbolise NYC living — complete with outside fire-escapes that I dream of one day sitting out on.

After shooting some photos around the streets of Tribeca, we stumbled upon a wine shop that was hosting free tastings! We came to learn that Tribeca Wine Merchants does weekly weekend tastings of a selection of their wines and these events are quite the neighbourhood hit! (Definitely my kind of place!) Over the course of a couple of hours, we tasted lots of lovely wines (coming home with a bottle of red) and met some lovely people who gave us the inside scoop on living in Tribeca.

Despite the stereotypes of New York being an unfriendly place, I have had nothing but lovely interactions (although to be fair they have all been with Midwesterners who have moved to the big, bad city!).

With the weather slightly chilly and always unpredictable, I teamed this ribbed black sweater with a denim skirt that I picked up in the Zara sale back in LA. The skirt comes from their re-worked denim collection and features the loveliest gingham fabric around the bottom — making it slightly longer. My trusty metallic boots were the ideal pair of shoes for a day of walking and my large thrifted bag the companion I needed to fit all the essentials for a day in the city.

None of these items are still available (that is the problem with buying everything either thrifted/vintage or on sale!), but I hope this look is still inspiring if you are looking for a daytime look that is comfy yet still chic!

I hope everyone has a great week wherever in the world you are! Now I am off to finish more work so I can get back to exploring later in the week!

Outfit Details:

Forever 21 sweater / Zara denim skirt and boots (last seen here) / Vintage bag and earrings

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