The Weekly Edit #10: What Happened, Korean Fried Chicken, and Fall Boots

This week I drove across the United States of America, starting in Cleveland and ending a couple of days ago back in LA! It was an amazing trip, and I am looking forward to sharing with you all the vlog footage we took, as well as a series of posts to help you plan your own epic road trips. If there is anything specific you want to see about this trip on the blog, let me know in the comments! As always, I want to make sure I am producing content that is helping you to travel and explore! I arrived back in LA just in time for Tristan’s 22nd birthday and this weekend is going to be dedicated to celebrating him! We are having a party with all his friends, going out to dinner with his family, and just enjoying seeing each other after 5 weeks apart. I am going to be in LA for the next month or so, which has got me feeling all sorts of excited as there really isn’t anything better than LA in the fall. Here is what else I am going to be getting up to this week:

And, scroll down to the bottom for today’s vlog!

LA. Many of the major museums and galleries in Southern California, from Santa Barbara to San Diego, Santa Monica to Palm Springs, are currently taking part in Pacific Standard Time LA/ LA. From now through January, large museums, small museums, university galleries and performing arts centres are hosting a series of exhibits featuring Latin American and Latino art. Mostly focusing on visual art, the exhibits centre on “topics such as luxury objects in the pre-Columbian Americas, 20th- century Afro-Brazilian art, alternative spaces in Mexico City, and boundary-crossing practices of Latino artists”. I am particularly excited about exhibits such as this one on photography in Argentina, the performance-based works of Juan Downey (which is showing at my university!), and the designs of two midcentury architects, Frey and Bo Bardi, at the Palm Springs Art Museum. To hear a little bit more about the multifaceted events, Madeline Brand’s Press Play does a great job of distilling the exhibits at the end of this episode (scroll to play just the clip!).

LA. Showing until the end of the year at the FIDM Museum is Fashion Philanthropy: The Linda & Steven Plochocki CollectionAs long-time benefactors, the Plochocki’s have lent the museum couture and designer garments and accessories, dating from the early nineteenth century to today. The exhibition is free to the public and is on view at FIDM’s Downtown Los Angeles Campus.

Each month Eater LA publishes a list of “brand new eateries to check out in Los Angeles“. It is always a long list as there are new restaurants popping up each day, all over town. In September it seems as though the majority of the newness was focused in Koreatown, something this Korean-food addict has no problem with! Gogobop prides itself on its rice-based items, Hanyang Wang Jokbal serves all things pork and specializes in jokbal, or pork trotters, ChiMac Star is the newest fried chicken joint in town, and Sinopot is another cook-it-yourself hot-pot spot. Four more reasons to head to Koreatown!

When Mum confirmed that she was going to drive across the country with me (she stopped at Santa Fe, but still it was a long drive!), I knew that we were going to need a seriously good audiobook. Luckily for us, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s What Happened had just been released and we were both eager to give it a listen. Despite the negative reviews on the Amazon page, I thought the book was absolutely fantastic and hearing her voice read the words aloud felt like I was actually having a conversation with someone I have thought and felt so much about. She explains her daily routine of life on the campaign trail (fascinating for those of us who like to hear successful people’s schedules), reflects on the various positions she has held throughout her career and touches on aspects of her personal life and family life. There is a chapter on feminism that eloquently expresses things I have been feeling for years and, throughout the pages, there is humour and a human.

The latter part of the book explains what we know (thus far) happened in the lead-up to the election. Russia, Bernie, and the NY Times all come under serious fire, as do some of the strategies that her own team pursued (she is very honest about things her and her campaign did wrong). I especially liked the latter part of the book, as it gave me a reminder overview of all the crazy things that happened over the course of two years and how they all linked — something that can only be done retroactively. Finally, it made me angry, seriously angry, and once again fired me up about all the change that needs to occur and finding ways I can personally help. All in all, I can’t recommend the book enough, as the conversation around what the f happened needs to continue for a long, long time.

This weekend, Tristan and I are definitely going to go and catch a movie. It is our favourite chill date activity and one of my favourite weekend routines we had when living together in New York. I haven’t been to see a movie since then, so there are quite a few out that I am itching to see! The psychological thriller, Mother!, with Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem is top of the list. Apparently, the punctuation in the title is a necessary health warning, as the movie is “insane”. That being said, with a description like that, Battle of the Sexes (which refers to the tennis match that took place in 1973, when Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs, twenty-six years her senior) is seeming like a more pleasant date option.

Because I have been listening to so many audiobooks and podcasts, I haven’t been listening to as much music. Luckily, Tristan has been the complete opposite and has lots of new artists for me to take a listen to. JD McPherson and Nikki Lane are two of his current suggestions and so far I have been loving their vintage-sounding rock. They are playing a show at the Observatory in Santa Ana on October 13th which we are going to try to attend!

Once the weather starts getting a little bit cooler, it is the perfect time to go hiking in LA. I think I have mentioned it before, but Modern Hiker is my go-to resource for finding new and exciting hikes. They curated a list of the 15 best summer hikes in Southern California that takes into account and divides the routes up into shade, water and elevation. I have done a few of the hikes on the list over the years, like Icehouse Canyon, Murphy Ranch, and Mount San Jacinto (which I climbed my first weekend of University), but there are still so many more to do! For the next few weeks, I think I am mostly interested in the shady routes, like Palomar Mountain and Solstice Canyon. But I also have never hiked in Malibu, so my sights are set on some time in Malibu Creek State Park.

LA is still roasting, which I am enjoying as it gives me a little more time to get more wear out of my summer clothes (I am currently wearing a pair of denim shorts and a little t-shirt). That being said, I can’t help but drool over the selection of boots that are rolling out on the market. There are a couple of different styles I am currently considering. First of all, a pair of suede knee-high boots that I can pair with dresses, skirts and jeans, for a 70s inspired silhouette. My closet is also dying for a pair of white ankle boots, something along the lines of these, these, or even these — basically something for everyday wear. Finally, I always love a statement boot and as soon as I saw these Jeffrey Campbell ones I knew I they were exactly what I needed (hopefully they come back in stock soon!). Similarly, the pearl details in these boots are so cute, and I love the print of these floral sock booties — they would look fabulous with a solid coloured maxi dress!


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