Five Highlights From The Month of September

It’s October! My birthday month! A month that is always a favourite of mine because we can get seriously into the swing of fall, while the often overwhelming weeks of the holidays still seem far away. However, this morning I woke up to the horrific news of the Vegas shooting — the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history — and haven’t felt joyful, or even mildly okay, since waking. The despicable cruelty and wide-spread suffering that this world faces shakes me to the core on a daily basis and, after a quick look at my CNN notifications, I often find myself asking how we are supposed to go on and resume our normal lives. My heart breaks for those who have been (basically) abandoned by the president in Puerto Rico, those who have been subject to police violence in Catalonia, the families of the two women brutally stabbed in Marseilles, the families, friends and victims of the Vegas shooting, and every other human being who spends their days and nights scarred by the effects of war and violence all around the world. My head hurts, my heart is heavy and, while tomorrow is a new day, today will be a day of mourning.

It seems pathetic to now go into a post documenting the good moments that I was lucky enough to experience over the course of September. Yet, during the frequent moments when I lose all faith in humanity, I return to these small, seemingly insignificant memories to renew my sense of happiness, to ground myself in what is important, and to remember that love does exist. Life is fragile, and all we can do is enjoy the time we have. I hope that when you are ready, you can do the same.

Across the pond. The month started off in London, as my Mum and I headed across the pond to London. I documented some of the moments in this vlog, but the trip was particularly special as it just felt like “normal life”. If any of you have a family that is all spread out, you may also have times when you feel like when you all get together, it can just feel like vacation-time, rather than mundane day-to-day life. You know, the moments that actually make up your days. The hardest part of being separated from those you love is that you do miss out on the humdrum daily activities and the seconds and hours that are real. So, this time, we just hung out with our closest family members and had a very chilled yet glorious time.

Champagne and Public School. After London, I popped back to NYC for a week (again a period documented in this vlogto spend more time with Ava and attend some NYFW events. The most exciting event I attended was the Moët x Public School party that my friend Angela invited me too. It was my first big fashion event, and I only had 20 minutes to get ready! Luckily, I had an exciting outfit ready to go and was too delighted by the invitation to not be ready in time. However, while in the Uber on the way to meet Angela and Courtney, I started having major anxiety that my new pants were going to rip, or that I was going to fall over in my heels — two things that don’t usually happen to me! I called Tristan panicking, and he responded by laughing… It’s true, it was misplaced anxiety, as nothing embarrassing happened to me. In fact, the Moët party ran out of champagne far too early, which was the most humiliating part of everyone’s night.

Afternoon Tea. Then, after NYFW, I flew to Cleveland to see Mum, Tim, Dougal and all my friends who are still around! (By now you know I vlogged it…video #1 here and video #2 here!) Just like my time in London, my week in Cleveland was so special because it was so normal. Mum and I walked Dougal each day; I resumed a daily Barre schedule, I filmed videos and grabbed breakfast with old friends. The weather was perfect, and I felt happy and content to be in my old stomping grounds. That being said, the highlight of the week (and probably one of my highlights of 2017 thus far) was an afternoon tea that two of my girlfriends, my Mum and I had at Coquette Patisserie. We sipped champagne for four hours, ate delicate pastries and savoury bites (we did additionally move on to charcuterie boards), and indulged in talk about all sorts of girly things. It was heavenly.

What Happened. I have been a strong supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton since the first time she was a candidate for President. I was disappointed when Obama won the Democratic nomination in 2008, but at least he was sane. Hillary’s new book, What Happened, came out a couple of weeks ago and was the primary form of entertainment for our cross-country road-trip. The whole road-trip was fantastic, and I love spending that much time with my Mum, but I think listening to the audio-book (Hillary reads it!) was something we will always remember. Especially after the horrors of the Vegas shooting, I urge everyone to listen or to read What Happened, to remember what and who our country voted for in 2016. Unfortunately, with the current “leadership”, gun-violence is only going to get worse. (Along with basically everything else, apart from Putin’s level of happiness.)

Celebrating Handsome’s birth. The last weekend of September was dedicated to celebrating Tristan’s birthday. After not seeing each other for 5 and a half weeks (since NYC!), we were very eager to be reunited. For the first time in quite a while, I didn’t take my vlogging camera out of my bag and instead focused all my attention and energy on spending quality time with T. We had romantic dinners, partied with his friends, saw his family, laughed together, retold stories we had already said on Facetime, and watched Rick & Morty! I always feel at home when I am back with him and am looking forward to spending the month of October with him in LA!

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